PAUL ROLAND "Bitter and Twisted"
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In letzter Zeit Stimmen im Ohr? Nicht gleich schreiend zum Psychater laufen. Es könnte auch eine der vielen Stimmen des kultigen Indie-Künstlers Paul Roland sein!

Sein neues Album "Bitter and Twisted" steckt in bewährter Qualität voller Ohrwürmer, die unter die Haut gehen. Großartige düstere Perlen! Mit seinem Debütalbum "The Werewolf of London" (auf CD bei Sireena Records erschienen) im Jahre 1980 wurde er der Liebling des legendären John Peel, dann Stammgast im berühmten Goth-Club "Batcave" und scharrte bis heute eine ansehnliche Fangemeinde um sich, die dem eigenwilligen Musiker bedingungslos verfallen ist. Seine Stilsprünge zwischen Gothic, Dark Folk, Psych Pop, Garage und Steampunk sind einmalig in der heutigen Musikwelt, da bildet das aktuelle Album "Bitter and Twisted" keine Ausnahme. 13 Songs hat Roland auf seinem neuesten Werk versammelt, ein akustisches Kaleidoskop voller gefährlich-düsterer Farben. Das warnende "I'm the Result of an Experiment (Which went hideouslay wrong)" ergreift genau wie "Dali's Dream". Es finden sich Verweise auf die Sixities-Sci-Fi Serie "The Outer Limits" bei "Zanti Misfits". Darüber hinaus gibts intime akustische Geständnisse des schurkischen Professor Feder in "Another Me" und so weiter.
Wie gesagt großartig!
Wir wünschen schöne Träume.

If you’ve been hearing voices lately, don’t run screaming to a psychiatrist. It might be one of the many voices of cult indie recording artist Paul Roland. His new album, ‘Bitter and Twisted’ (released by on September 6th) is bursting at the seams with what the Germans call ‘ear worms’ (Ohrwurm), those insistent melodic hooks which get under the skin and fester there. And what a pleasant affliction it is too.
Ever since his first album, ‘The Werewolf of London’ in 1980 captured the attention of the legendary John Peel and became a favourite at the Batcave, England’s premier Goth club, Roland’s albums have become much sought-after by collectors and have garnered him a loyal cult following in the US and Europe. Albums such as ‘Danse Macabre’, ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities’ and ‘Bates Motel’ (feat. songs written for members of the Velvet Underground) have explored, experimented and toyed with a diverse range of styles from goth through dark folk to psych pop and steampunk.
But Roland is not the type of fellow who is content to rest on past glories. ‘Bitter and Twisted’ offers 13 of his strongest songs to date, an aural kaleidoscope of psych-pop-postpunk-dark folk-goth rock in appetising three-minute bites.
There is the cautionary tale of plastic surgery in extremis ‘I’m The Result Of An Experiment (Which Went Hideously Wrong)’, the whimsical psych-out of ‘Dali’s Dream’, the macabre story of the man who refuses to lie down and die in ‘Catatonic’ and an unsettling encounter with the ‘Zanti Misfits’ the creepy crawlies with human heads (inspired by a notoriously disturbing episode of Sixties sci-fi series ‘The Outer Limits’), which is guaranteed to give you sleepless nights.
In addition, there are intimate acoustic confessions from the anarchistic Professor Feather, the tale of a rascally Dopplegänger in ‘Another Me’, a peek at a Wild West emporium where outlaw William Bonny’s trigger finger floats in a jar on public display and a memorable visit to the asylum where ventriloquist Maxell Fyfe is possessed by the malevolent spirit of his murderous dummy ‘Hugo’.
Pleasant dreams…..


I’m The Result Of An Experiment (Which Went Hideously Wrong)
Dali’s Dream
Devil’s Jukebox
Another Me (feat. Alan Jenkins of the legendary Deep Freeze Mice)
Bitter and Twisted
I’ve Been Hearing Voices
Zanti Misfits
William Bonny’s Trigger Finger
Professor Feather
Born In The 60s

Bonus tracks:
Soddom (outtake)
Candyman (acoustic demo)
Hugo (alternate version feat. Alan Jenkins)
Zanti Misfits (alternate version feat. Alan Jenkins)
Devil’s Jukebox (acoustic demo)