V.A. "The Spirit of Sireena Vol. 9"
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Kinder, wie die Zeit vergeht. Schon wieder in Jahr rum. Hier kommt eine Auswahl aus unseren diesjährigen Veröffentlichungen, die wieder einmal untermauert: Mehr Vielfalt geht nicht!
Da bleiben wir uns treu.

So sieht unserere Vol.9 aus:

Incredible as time goes by. This year is almost over. So here is a selection from this year's publications, which once again underlines: More variety is not possible!
Here comes our Vol. 9:

01 Freedom "Dusty Track" 7:56
02 Tribute "Scottish Mystery" 4:45
03 General Lee Band "Dead and Gone" 4:29
04 Nattefrost "Transformation" 4:50
05 Jochen Brückner "Looking Back" 3:45
06 Cinema "Rushhour" 3:05
07 Paul Roland "Meadows of the Sea" 4:36
08 Ramses "Look at your Neighbour" 6:50
09 Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop" 2:00
10 Keef Hartley Band "You can't take it with you" 9:08
11 Bad News Reunion "Moon over You" 3:47
12 Schaper, Engel & McGrogan "Who are we" 4:05
13 Nattefrost "Norse" 6:30