Black Cloak, Interesting facts about Mahakala Bernagchen
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Black Cloak, interesting facts about Mahakala Bernagchen
by Susa Nientiedt
ISBN: 978-3-940197-20-7
48 Seiten, s/w (48 pages, b/w)

Through great popularity and the strong growth of the Karma Kagyü-tradition in the western industrial nations, the various Buddha-aspects and Protectors became more known, especially those which are associated directly with the daily meditation practice of a lay practitioner.
The daily invocation of the Mahakala-Puja, the praise for the Protector is an integral part of this practice.
In this way naturally many questions are raised, misunderstandings and rumors – therefore this info
letter. It contains an overview of the original story of Mahakala and starts the attempt to explain the complex symbolism of this powerful Protector.

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